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Water Damage

Water damage is classified into one of the following classes:

  • Class 1 Water Damage – (least amount of water, absorption and evaporation): Water losses that affect only part of a room or area, or larger areas containing materials that have absorbed minimal moisture. Little or no wet carpet and/or cushion are present.
  • Class 2 Water Damage – (large amount of water, absorption and evaporation): Water losses that affect at least an entire room or carpet and cushion(pad). Water has wicked up walls less than 24”. There is moisture remaining in structural materials (e.g., plywood, particleboard, and structural wood, concrete).
  • Class 3 Water Damage – (greatest amount of water, absorption and evaporation): Water wicked up over 24″, or water may have come from overhead affecting ceilings, walls, insulation, carpet, cushion and sub-floor. The entire area are saturated.
  • Class 4 Water Damage – (specialty drying situations): These consist of wet materials with very low permeance/porosity (hardwood, plaster, brick, concrete, stone). Typically, there are deep pockets of saturation, which requires very low specific humidity.

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Oct 222015

washing machine leakA prompt response is the key to reducing or eliminating the loss in water damage. Addressing the damage quickly can often reduce restoration and reconstruction cost, as well reduce Mold growth and other associated with water damage.

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Flood water damage is one of the most common problems that a homeowner will ever experience. Water Damage, when it Happens, can be FAST and Dramatic. One minute your Pompano Beach home is fine, and the next you have a tremendous water problem.

When the Cleanup process isn’t started immediately, water begins to evaporate on its own. The air absorbs this evaporated water and redistributes the moisture to other items, like, ceiling drywall, carpets, wood etc. We call this result a secondary damage.

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Oct 212015

Mold Removal Facts1. Mold Grows Quickly: Mold needs only moisture, temperatures above 40 °F (4 °C), and organic material to survive.. Mold can grow in 24-48 hours, preferring areas with no sunlight, limited airflow, and little disruption.

2. Mold Destroys Your Home: Professional Builder Magazine warns that mold will dramatically lower the value of your home. A home worth $250,000 can easily have $100,000 in mold problems and will be difficult to sell at any price. Additionally, mold can lead to serious structural damage to your home.

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3. Cleaning Visible Mold is Not Enough: Mold can grow in fiberglass insulation, on top of ceiling tiles, inside ducts, behind drywall panels, in wall cavities, and behind wallpaper. Even when it’s visible, it’s often impossible — even for an expert — to tell the difference between mold, soot, and dirt without testing. The mold you can see is just the beginning, and some of it is extremely hard to find!

4. Bleach & Detergent Will Not Eliminate Mold: Bleach and detergent are useful for removing mold on nonporous surfaces. However, materials such as ceiling tiles, carpeting, and wallboard will have deep mold penetration and may need to be replaced. Removed mold will regrow if all sources of moisture and humidity are not eliminated.

5. Mold Cleaning is Hazardous: It only takes 3-5 mold spores to cause an allergic reaction, and some molds contain micotoxins that are carcinogenic or deadly. Vibrations and movement will cause mold to release their spores — it’s easy to accidentally knock hundreds of thousands of spores loose from a single patch of mold. And that’s just a drop in the bucket: Recent research has shown that up to one billion mold spores can be found in just one square foot of drywall!

Mold Removal Requires Professional Equipment and Training: At Able National Restoration we have a variety of state-of-the-art equipment that they use to identify sources of moisture, to dry out wall cavities, and to safely remove mold that is growing in your home. Samples of mold may be analyzed in a laboratory to identify potentially toxic strains, and special cleaning agents may be used to restore property. While some contractors are jumping on the “mold is gold” bandwagon, it’s important to find the established, trained, and equipped contractors that are committed to the industry for the long haul.

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Oct 192015

Water Damage Restoration coconut creekIf you live in Coconut Creek, it’s amazing the amount of damage that water can do when it ends up in unwanted places. A five minute hard rain can dump more water than your drainage system can handle.

Acting quickly can help you to minimize damage on your house and your possessions. Furniture may be salvaged but if the water sits for too long, items like electronics, carpets and other sensitive items may be damaged completely. Do not treat flooding water lightly. These are the measures you need to take to deal with water damage.

Cut off the power

Water is an electrical conductor and can cause electric shock if the power is still on. Before you handle anything in the flooded area, you need to cut off the power from the entire house. You should also unplug and remove any movable furniture and electronics from the area as soon as possible. The faster you can get the items out of the water, the more items you are likely to salvage.

If you need Water Damage Restoration in Coconut Creek, contact Able National Restoration

Get rid of the water

In case of any drains or outlets where the water can drain through you should open these channels and get as much water out as possible. In case you don’t have any drains or outlets, you should call a technician with a water-pump to pump out the water.

Call the water damage specialists

Water damage restoration specialists have equipment they can use to get rid of all the water from your Coconut Creek home. From water pumps to air movers, they have all the machines necessary to ensure all the water and moisture is removed from the area. Drying out the area as fast as possible is necessary to prevent mold growth. The water damage specialists can also disinfect the area and treat affected wood with specialized chemicals such as concrobium to prevent mold growth and rot.

Get an inspection

Sometimes the extent of water damage could be more than meets the eye. You should get an inspection to find out whether your drywall and insulation has been damaged, the extent of water infiltration into the floor boards and other areas of hidden damage. It is advisable to repair these areas sooner rather than later when the mold and rot sets in.

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Sep 082015

T​ips on emergencies


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If you are Currently Experiencing a Water Damage situation here are a few First Aid Restoration Tips.

1- Turn Off the Power outlets and electric appliances in or near flooded areas as long as is Safe to do it…YOU SHOULD NOT HANDLE ANY ELECTRICAL DEVICE WILE STANDING ON WATER…SAFETY FIRST !!!!!! . If you are not sure, just don’t do it.

2- Make sure the water source is turned Off

3-Remove as much as you can from the floor, and be careful, wet material could be very heavy and you can injure your self.

4-Try to mop up as much water is possible.

5-Open drawers and closet doors to decrease drying time

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