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Water Damage Restoration coconut creekIf you live in Coconut Creek, it’s amazing the amount of damage that water can do when it ends up in unwanted places. A five minute hard rain can dump more water than your drainage system can handle.

Acting quickly can help you to minimize damage on your house and your possessions. Furniture may be salvaged but if the water sits for too long, items like electronics, carpets and other sensitive items may be damaged completely. Do not treat flooding water lightly. These are the measures you need to take to deal with water damage.

Cut off the power

Water is an electrical conductor and can cause electric shock if the power is still on. Before you handle anything in the flooded area, you need to cut off the power from the entire house. You should also unplug and remove any movable furniture and electronics from the area as soon as possible. The faster you can get the items out of the water, the more items you are likely to salvage.

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Get rid of the water

In case of any drains or outlets where the water can drain through you should open these channels and get as much water out as possible. In case you don’t have any drains or outlets, you should call a technician with a water-pump to pump out the water.

Call the water damage specialists

Water damage restoration specialists have equipment they can use to get rid of all the water from your Coconut Creek home. From water pumps to air movers, they have all the machines necessary to ensure all the water and moisture is removed from the area. Drying out the area as fast as possible is necessary to prevent mold growth. The water damage specialists can also disinfect the area and treat affected wood with specialized chemicals such as concrobium to prevent mold growth and rot.

Get an inspection

Sometimes the extent of water damage could be more than meets the eye. You should get an inspection to find out whether your drywall and insulation has been damaged, the extent of water infiltration into the floor boards and other areas of hidden damage. It is advisable to repair these areas sooner rather than later when the mold and rot sets in.

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