Oct 222015

washing machine leakA prompt response is the key to reducing or eliminating the loss in water damage. Addressing the damage quickly can often reduce restoration and reconstruction cost, as well reduce Mold growth and other associated with water damage.

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Flood water damage is one of the most common problems that a homeowner will ever experience. Water Damage, when it Happens, can be FAST and Dramatic. One minute your Pompano Beach home is fine, and the next you have a tremendous water problem.

When the Cleanup process isn’t started immediately, water begins to evaporate on its own. The air absorbs this evaporated water and redistributes the moisture to other items, like, ceiling drywall, carpets, wood etc. We call this result a secondary damage.

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  1. […] you know the Federal Government offers Federal Assistance after a declared emergency such as a hurricane? Although not all programs are launched for every disaster, FEMA Emergency […]

    • Yes, we know that. We explain to our customers that if they have the opportunity to get the assistance if they need it. In addition, for any circumstance less severe than a hurricane we follow our, Emergency Safety First Protocol. By following this protocol we provide our costumers with basic relieve assistance. A place to rest/wait while repairs are taking place. As well as, refreshments and snacks so they can be a little more are ease during a stressful situation.


      The ANR Team.