At Able National Restoration, Inc. water damage restoration is our business. It’s what we do (and we do a lot of it) and we’re really good at it.

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“Water damage can be deceptive. Water penetrates into structural cavities creating trapped pockets of saturation. The detection of water in these areas can often only be discovered with sophisticated moisture detection meters. Undetected moisture will continue to cause damage. This damage, at a minimum, will cause odors. Greater damage will surface when materials delaminate, shrink, split and further deteriorate to where costly repairs are required.

Water Damage Restoration Pompano Beach

More than just removing excess water, IICRC-certified restorers have the knowledge and equipment to further dry a home or facility (including substructure materials) completely back to pre-loss conditions. Through timely response and the careful monitoring of water damage, mold and other health issues can be prevented. If water damage has been present too long, mold will occur.

All IICRC-certified professionals have the training and experience to identify moisture sources, evaluate mold growth (visible or suspected), contain damage, remove contamination and dry materials to ensure that mold will not return.”

We’re a full restoration company specializing in water damage restoration, mold, fire and smoke damage. We’re locally operated and we’re part of the community.


Water Damage Restoration Pompano

  1. We’re faster when it comes to an emergency.
  2. With our current locations we’re capable to respond to an emergency of flood in a time record of 15-35 minutes with an average of 37 minutes within arrival time. This positions us as one of the best providers in water damage and it permits us to help prevent secondary damage and personal belongings whether it be residential commercial.


We’re highly trained on water damage.

When choosing our technicians it all starts with the fundamental values of responsibility. As well as, the capacity to resolve situations of high stress levels during a flood or a big leak. In addition to, being able to provide efficiency at lower costs in comparison to the market. We count with certifications from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Remediation and Water Damage Restoration (WRT) Applied Microbial Remediation (AMRT).Water Damage Restoration Pompano Beach FL

Our advanced equipment helps us to detect hidden elements such as moisture, water or mold. All our trucks are equipped with the most advance technology, with infrared thermal cameras, digital camera, luminometers (detect mold and water) moisture detectors, interscopes and thermal hygrometer. We also have water extractor pumps and water vacuums to accelerate the process of standing water removal. In addition to, wall cavity injectors and other elements required for dry-outs.

water damage restoration pompano beach